Learn more about our $25 referral program

referral program

We at Innovative Real Estate are offering a $25 referral fee for helping us find a good tenant.

Curious How You Could Pick Up Some Easy Cash?

By Talking .... About Us.

Does mentioning our Web Site to your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances sounds like much work to you?

We hope not, we didn't think it was, or we would not ask you to do it. Even though it's hard to break a sweat "talking", we set aside some serious cash to compensate the folks who want to talk about us.

When you refer prospective customers to us, we'll pay you if we end up doing business with someone you referred to us.


Here's How It Works

We have properties (apartments and houses) for rent. So we want you to refer prospective tenants to our site. No selling, no pressure.

They visit us in the cyberspace at a convenient time to them, they might send us an e-mail with questions. Who knows, they may even decide to do business with us. If we end up renting to them (ONLY THEN), we'll write you a $25 check for your referral.

Getting paid through our Referral Reward program is simple and quick. Just open up your mouth and mention our website to people looking to rent. Simply mention our website as a resource. And don't forget to drop us an e-mail and mention the name of the party you referred to us so we can give you a proper credit.


Conditions that Apply:

1. In order to get a proper credit for a referral You MUST notify us about the party you're sending us. A simple e-mail with your name and the name of the party you're referring is good enough.

2. The checks for referrals will be paid upon the closing of the transaction with the customer and not until.

3. The referral fee will NOT be paid if you notify us about the party you referred AFTER the transaction with that person was closed (sorry, this just leaves too much room for abuse.)